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iManagement Consulting LLC | Tallahassee, FL
Mon - Fri: 8:00 - 17:00
+ 1 850 888-2462
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iManagement Consulting LLC is a small business, with “Big 4” management consulting experience, an optimistic vision and the skill sets necessary to deliver quality engagements.

Our team delivers work products of exceptional business value by providing resources with the appropriate skill sets for your engagement.

Our journey has led us to serve automotive, banking, entertainment, government, insurance, life science, and telecom clients, both small and large. Some of our most recent achievements include…

  • Provided a prescriptive playbook to regional bank experiencing failure in multiple transformational initiatives, costing the organization millions in lost revenue
  • Performed an IT Risk Assessment for major health insurance corporation with one billion in annual IT spend
  • Identified $37 million cash savings through targeted contract reviews
  • Assessed the technology process, people and infrastructure risks associated with a major line of business for a nationally recognized conglomerate
  • Validated the IT incident and root cause processes at the request of the Board of a United States government sponsored bank
  • Performed current state operational review for telecom provider with international presence
  • Consulted government financial regulatory agency regarding significant IT related procurement

Join our story and let’s refine our businesses together!