The wisdom internalized from years of tactical experience cannot be obtained through educational achievements. We coach your individual team members, one-on-one in their environment, with their issues - in real time.

Risk Indicators

Organizations which ponder questions like these may benefit from an iMC Coaching engagement…

  • Are Directors focused on Strategy and Alignment, or are they performing work better suited for Managers, Supervisors and Employees?
  • Are Managers focused on Return on Investment and Budget, or are they performing work better suited for Supervisors and Employees?
  • Are Supervisors focused on Quality or are they performing work better suited for Employees?
  • Are Employees performing strategically aligned Work? Do they have "agreement" with their Supervisor on what work should be achieved?

Engagement Outcomes

At a minimum, our Coaching process results in the following outcomes:

  • Strategic alignment of all work (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • Development of the strategic thinking "muscle" at all organizational levels
  • Significantly improved organizational productivity

Case Study

iMC team members conducted a Coaching engagement for a government entity with documented disorganization existing for more than a decade…

  • Agency assets were defined without a common taxonomy leading to mischaracterizations of the environment
  • Agency vacancies had been filled with individuals not having the requisite skill sets to perform the work
  • Agency had an immature leadership environment without an actionable, resourced strategic plan

Net Result

Through routine coaching at the Manager, Supervisor and Employee levels, the agency achieved a remarkable transformation, meeting all of its strategic initiatives, in record time.