WittyAI Witty by name, Witty by nature

Meet WittyAI, your AI assistant, designed to have a comprehensive understanding of your organization's repository of knowledge, providing instant, accurate support to anyone. Discover how WittyAI can elevate your business by offering personalized assistance, streamline operations, and enhance user satisfaction.

WittyAI Understands Your Business

WittyAI leverages the latest AI platform available from OpenAI

WittyAI can be expertly trained using your organization's information, enabling it to intelligently and elegantly respond to questions from both your customers and employees.


Why Use WittyAI?

Features that keep you and your business running smoothly


WittyAI can be trained to understand and respond using your custom content, ensuring intelligent and accurate interactions. Additionally, it can be configured to refrain from answering questions outside its training scope, maintaining reliability and trust.


WittyAI's logo, colors, and fonts are fully customizable to perfectly align with your branding guidelines, ensuring a seamless integration with your brand identity.


WittyAI logs every user interaction and makes these logs searchable by you, providing valuable insights into the questions people are asking. This powerful feature enables you to better understand their needs, refine your content and optimize your business processes.

AI Language Model

WittyAI is capable of understanding and responding in 50 languages, ensuring accessibility and seamless communication. Built to leverage the latest OpenAI platform, WittyAI leverages cutting-edge technology to deliver unparalleled accuracy and performance.

99.5% Availability*

*Availability metric based on published availability of supporting technology providers

WittyAI Use Cases

Examples where WittyAI can be used

These examples are just a glimpse of WittyAI's versatile capabilities. No matter what you envision or where your business ventures, WittyAI is equipped to handle it all, adapting to your unique needs and challenges.

Technology Partners

Getting Started with WittyAI is Easy

1. Brand & Content

Branding: Provide your branding guidelines to our team

Content: Provide your custom content to our team

Domain: Select a domain name that will specifically be used for your WittyAI interface

2. Infrastructure

Servers: We install and configure WittyAI on AWS infrastructure

Databases: We configure the databases that will house your custom content

Utilization: We obtain the unique OpenAI key to secure your interactions and track utilization

3. Train AI

Organize: We work with your team to organize your custom content

Review: We work with your team to ensure the content is reviewed and approved by leadership

Train: We train WittyAI with your custom information

4. Testing

UAT: Your team tests WittyAI to ensure you’re receiving the expected responses

Refine: Modify the content as necessary and retrain WittyAI

5. Go Live

Embed: We provide your web team with the information they need to embed WittyAI on your web pages

Go: Start using WittyAI!

Next Steps

Ready to Integrate?

Ready to integrate WittyAI into your business? Provide your branding and content, and we'll handle the rest. Get started today and streamline your operations with WittyAI!

Not Quite Ready?

Have questions or need assistance? Our team is here to help you every step of the way. Reach out to us for personalized support and to learn more about how WittyAI can benefit your business.