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Energy & Natural Resources

iMC's management consulting advisory services can strategically transform your organization. With years of utility experience, we understand the disruption and challenges within the energy and natural resources sector.

American Water Works Association

Technology Enablement

Energy and natural resource agencies can realize significant returns through targeted investments in technology enablers.

Likewise, the Department of Homeland Security has issued industry-specific guidance (i.e. Water and Wastewater Systems Sector) which agencies are encouraged to pursue.

Furthermore, some utility technology providers have yet to leverage the wealth of industry diverse knowledge and provide their clients with best-in-class solutions. This fact has resulted in organizations with people, process and technology that are often a decade or more behind.

iMC has an industry proven, multifaceted approach for assisting agencies in developing a technology strategic plan, improving technology operating models, and meeting regulatory objectives.

Case Study

Through a business process improvement project, and with minimal investment, one utility was able to leverage technology they already owned to transform paper inspections to an electronic method. The result…

  • Inspection time was reduced from 75 to less than 9 minutes per inspection
  • 992 annual man-hours were recovered (50% of an FTE)
  • Generated $39,038 in annual value
  • 5 Year ROI: $195,194
Paper Manhole Inspection ROI