Strategic Planning

Our Enterprise Strategic Planning approach results in a business affirmed, go-forward strategy that governs the direction and activities of the organization.

Risk Indicators

Organizations which ponder questions like these may benefit from an iMC Strategic Planning engagement…

  • Do you know how you're going to move from your current Reality to your Vision? And how will you Measure your progress?
  • Is the Board, C-Suite, Management, and Workers all in agreement with the organization's strategic direction?
  • Is every team member's activities aligned with the organization's Mission, Vision, Values, and tactical roadmap?
  • Does every team member know what activities they're working on next week, next month, next quarter?

Our Process

Industry Trend Analysis
Opportunity Identification Workshops
Roadmap Development
Demonstrate Strategic Agreement

Engagement Outcomes

At a minimum, our Strategic Planning process results in the following outcomes:

  • Tactical roadmap for the organization
  • Agreement at all levels within the organization
  • A plan executive leadership can say "Yes" to

Case Study

At the request of a Chief Executive Offier, iMC team members developed an enterprise wide, strategic plan to be used as a tactical roadmap to guide the activities of each department within the organization for the next 3 years.

Net Result

The Strategic Plan generated organizational clarity, work efficiency, and team member alignment at every level within the organization.